Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Who Coppin’ This Shit?

Sooooo it’s that time of year yet again. Call of Duty drops this coming Tuesday. Along with Declassified on Vita if I’m not mistaken. I wonder if Space will pay us his annual visit?


Is anyone picking this shit up then this year. My cousin keeps asking me to get it but I don’t want to cop it unless any of you guys are. I didn’t buy MW3 and not arsed about this one unless any of you lot end up picking it up too.



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  • black ops 2 lol


  1. So I been playing this almost all week and I just happened to play some maps on Team Deathmatch I havent played before.

    • Meh, who has time to admire graphics when playing Call of Duty multiplayer? There is far too much chaos. I played one mission of the campaign then switched it straight back to the online.

      • Who has time to admire any graphics when playing any multiplayer then right? LOL Sometimes I wonder if you read the shit you post. HAHA.


        • Call of Duty looks like ass on either console anyway so it’s really a non issue. I mean you don’t buy a COD game because you want the best graphics possible. You buy it because it has an addictive multiplayer. Granted the PS3 version looks the worst but I ain’t looking at grass unless sone mothfucka is hiding in it.

          • Dude you cant really believe that bullshit.The grass is an example of the overall difference. (cant even believe I had to type that. lol). I get it. You like ass. lmao Nuff said.

  2. Im getting closer and closer to caving and getting it :P Tesco over here have the same deal they did last year for MW3, get BO2 for £25 when bought with a PSN/XBLA points card. So I could get 2000 msp for £17 and the game for £25. Tempting.

  3. Apparently the game sold something stupid like 8 million copies in it’s first 24 hours. No sign of the machine slowing down.

  4. The redone Nuketown map is pretty awesome. Luxury boat is too, not a fan of the aircraft carrier ship and it seems to be a popular map.

    • I’m having a lot of fun with the game. It still looks like ass because of the old engine, but I think skipping MW3 last year really helped, because up until then I had played a Call of Duty every year since the Xbox 360 launch, starting with Call of Duty 2.

      My K/D sucks, but I’m not the kind of player who starts going sick about things like that, As long as I can get some kills in the game I’m having fun.

      I like the Aircraft carrier map, I’m learning now where dudes be hiding so I seek them out. The boat map is dope too.

      I think I’m a level 22 now. Can’t complain with the Multiplayer so far. I was actually playing Hardcore Free for All earlier. Which means there is no HUD, less health and extra bullet damage. It was sick.

  5. The annoying thing about Call of Duty is there is no advantage in waiting, because the games never drop in price until the next game comes out. MW3 is still full price over here and won’t drop until after tuesday.

    • True but the only reason I am holding off is got to much shit to play right now and hoping for a buy 2 get one free type deals around Christmas.

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