Canibus vs Dizaster – Who brought their Rhyme Book to a Battle?

Not sure if anyone has seen this shit, it happened earlier in the year but damn, Canibus is being destroyed and pulls out his rhyme book and admits he’s no good at freestyling. This shit is embarrassing but also quite hard to watch. It’s like watching the end of of someones career right in front of your eyes lol.


  1. LOL Profound sadness. I feel sorry for that dude but at the same time I dont because that’s karma. He came in the game on some sideways bullshit.

  2. I’d watched this a few months ago. Shit was depressing because the hype prior to the battle. They had all of the legends, ILLMatculate, Thesaurces and a few others. I’m sad that it went like that.

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