In what seems like the norm now these days, Square-Enix have decided to release yet another legendary RPG title from their library onto iOS devices.

This time coming in the form of the classic Chrono Trigger.

After 16 years from it’s original SNES release, I’m sure anybody who has the slightest interest in Chrono Trigger would have played it at least once by now in one of it’s various forms, so I’m not going to spend much time going over the story, other than it’s beautifully crafted and one of the most engaging ever to be put in videogame form.

Everything you know and love is still intact, though you may be happy to know that this version includes to new dungeons from the Nintendo DS version of the game.
One of the things I love most about Chrono Trigger is how fast paced the battles are, which even after all these years still comes off more refreshing than most JPRG’s.

Unfortunately the conversion to iOS hasn’t been the most successful. Nothing has been done to really update the graphics, apart from just blowing them up to fit the higher resolution screens, it would have been nice to have seen them properly upscaled to really show off that retina display, but alas it’s not meant to be. That’s not to say the game looks horrible though. The 2D visuals are still charming in their original form.

The controls are another disappointment. Coming off as awkward most of the time. This is a problem I face with most game’s I try to play on iOS that usually require proper controllers, and with a game that requires precise timing when trying to string team combos together in battle, it become’s quite infuriating. Other’s may not see a problem, especially if you are used to gaming on Apple devices a lot of the time.

Disappointment spreads to the save system also. When I first booted up the game on my iPod Touch, I was making my morning bus journey, a good half hour later when the journey was coming to an end, I tried to save the game, but couldn’t find a save option in the menus. I presumed the game would auto-save after I quit out, but it didn’t. Instead it forces you to locate save points at specific locations throughout the game. This is a major letdown as one of the selling points of having Chrono Trigger on iOS is being able to take arguably one of the greatest games ever made on the go with you. Without an updated save system though, you risk losing hours of gameplay time, if for some reason you need to suddenly end your session

This isn’t to say I wouldn’t recommend Chrono Trigger though. The issues I have raised, though frustrating, are dwarfed by the fact that this is still a fantastic game and a genuine classic that can now be experienced by a new generation of gamers.



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