DealzManx: Double A Method for Saving Money on Games

Your video game hobby does not have to break the bank. Like anything else though patience plays a key role. Most game prices do drop drastically after launch. It’s very common to be able to buy a game for one third to half price only a few months after launch. Sometimes though there will be games that you will want day one. This method will help you save money on those games.

I came up with this method for paying half price and often even less for games, including new releases. It’s called the “Double A” Method because It incorporates using Amazon and American Express. I talked about this at during last weeks podcast but here is a more detailed explanation.

Amazon now accepts American express points as a form of payment for items. The great thing about this is that you can pay for items partially with points. To earn points you just need to use your American Express card. Depending on your card the rules are different but typically its 1 point per $1 spent. I recommend the Gold Rewards American Express card. The cards are different and some cards will reward you for double or triple points for say buying groceries or gas for your car. Essentially what you want to do is to rack up points by spending money via your card that you would have spent anyway with cash or your debit card. Your cellphone, home utility and other bills are perfect for this. As long as you pay your card off in full every month you will be fine and you will rack up points. If done right you will also be building up your credit. A rather great side effect.

When you are ready to buy a game do it via Amazon. You can use this method for saving money on any game but I found that pre-order games is where you will find the most savings. This is mostly because Amazon offers $10 and $20 credits toward future game purchases when you pre-order games through them. After your first purchase the big savings begin.


Take this for example. Yesterday I preordered Killzone 3. Because I have a credit from a game I bought in the past I already have a $20 credit that will be applied to this Killzone 3 purchase. Amazon is offering a $20 game credit for a future purchase with this buy so my next game will also be discounted. The icing on the cake is that Amazon also has release date delivery for 99 cents! That’s less that it would cost me to drive down to the store. So I am getting the game delivered to my door on launch day. You cannot beat that.

Using my American express points during checkout at amazon you can see that after applying my points I was able to buy Killzone 3 for only $21.76. That’s about one third of the retail price and its getting delivered to my door on launch day! You cant beat that. By spending on my card like I normally would I am almost guaranteed to pay about the same for the next release using the $20 bonus credit I received when buying this game. Rinse and repeat.


  1. $20 off when you purchase dualshock 4 controller + one game. (Killzone Shadow Fall, Second Son, or Drive Club)
    53.99 for GTA V also on

  2. lol you bumped some old shit but its actually funny that this is exactly how I got dragons crown for 12 bucks.

    • I forgot all about the good ol’ Dealz! I’m going to start posting the Dealz in here whenever I find something for us.

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