Tech Thread: Game Capture, Multi Console Setup, etc.

Lets post all the tech questions and answers in here. Ask away and I’ll post what I know.

Capturing games, surround sound or whatever.


  1. your computer sucks man. it works for szuter and myself. maybe use handbreak after you export out het 4gb file then upload the smaller one to youtube. that should work.

  2. Lol this is just stress I don’t need in my life right now.
    Surely there must be an easier way.
    I like the quality the way it is when I capture it and it comes out around 800mb.
    Just wish I could keep it that way but with audio placed over.
    Pissing about with formats when i got revision to do for my exam this week is not a good thing lmao!!!!

  3. damn. yeah I dont think it allows you to set the bitrate that way. If it does then try setting the bitrate.

  4. Nah, shit is still not working.
    I put that file into the folder, and it asked me to replace the existing one, which i did.
    When i open the After Effects programme i no longer get the window which tells me i am on a trial.
    However, these are the only options i get.

    If i select the Quicktime format, i get to select H264 from the compression folder.

    but i can’t select it natively.
    I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe because i’m running the 32 bit system.
    It’s a mystery to me.
    Brook, am i able to use any of those other formats and get good quality without it being a gigantic file?

  5. Sorry i missed your message Brook.
    I was watching TV whilst i left the PS3 running to download the Castlevania demo.
    I’ll leave Skype on for the next 15 minutes to try and catch you online.

  6. I’ve deleted After Effects from my laptop and i’m gonna reinstall it to see if i can get it working properly this time.

    Shit was pissing me off last night. I can’t render natively in H264 but if i put it into a Quicktime format it lets me compress into H264 but i read that it won’t work properly that way.

    Anyway, that ‘GameManx Feature’ intro downloaded fine and works.

    One last thing lol, do you keep your audio levels at the same settings every time or is just a matter of messing about with it.

  7. uploading it now. Also it hit me that the video made might not be out of sync. Sometimes when you export an HD video its so big that the computer cannot keep up when playing it. Try using GOM player or VLC player to play it. Or next time upload it to youtube as a test and see if its still out of sync. Not all computers can play a GB+ file withough stuttering.

  8. yo if you want we can set a time and I can walk you through it on skype with it open on my computer. You wont be using most of the options on there. no one does really.

  9. I’m gonna fuck about with it today after the football. I’ll get it eventually but looking at the obscene amount of options to use just seems daunting lol.

  10. Scat if you read what I wrote those are the basics. Nothing fancy is in there thats just basically taking a video and combining a vocal track with the videos audio and setting the audio levels. If you approach it with the “this shit is complicated” attitude then it will be difficult. The bottom line is that if you want to learn to do it its going to take some trial and error and a little time fucking around with the program. No one taught me to do it but by just messing with it and googling what I wanted to know I was able to figure it out pretty quickly.

    Szuter before you go out to the store to get one I would say check ebay and also radioshack has one like the one I have.

    RadioShack 4-Way Component Video Distribution Amplifier : Amplifiers |

    This is the one I have:

    I got it on ebay for $34 used but It was in GREAT like new shape.

    Tons of them on ebay for about $24-$34.

    CE Labs AV400COMP items – Get great deals on items on!

    CE LABS AV 400COMP Component Distribution Amp HDTV – eBay (item 400156955478 end time Oct-02-10 11:10:43 PDT)

  11. Pretty sure I understand it now. Gonna pick up component distribution amp this weekend online hope to have it sometime next week.

  12. Nah, this shit is chinese to me lol.

    I mean i do literally only want to know the very basics. How to exactly:

    Put the video and audio together and have it in synch.
    Output in HD 720p
    Run smoothely
    Add the ‘GameManx Feature’ to the beginning.

    All that fancy shit i can see i don’t care about lol.

  13. Basic After effects is waaaay easier than it looks.

    Ok so on the far left you have your project library. Drag and drop the things you will be using for your project such as video files, logos, audio files etc.

    Then select the video from your library for example and drag it in the timeline at the bottom right of the screen. The timeline is the area in the pic with the long horizontal stripes. Layer the elements in the timeline. So if you want a logo over the video it has to be above it in the timeline etc.

    Also if you add an audio file and a video file it will mix the audio together when you export the video. This is what you want but to change the audio levels click on either the video audio track or your recorded audio vocals track in the timeline and go to the “windows” tab at the top of the program and enable the “audio” panel. With the audio panel you can adjust the audio level of any audio track you select in the timeline.

    When your done playing around with all that then go to “composition > add to render queue” and in the render queue set the settings. I will send some later but it depends on if you want to export sd or hd. Try the presets.

    Thats the basics but if you play with it you can pick it up easy. hopefully lol

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