According to a recent ESRB Rating, Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City are headed to the Playstation 3. Unfortunately though, depending on how you look at it, it seems like the games will be arriving on the PSN as part of Sony’s on-going ‘PS2 Classics’ section.

My concern is that the PS2 Classics section has yet to arrive in Europe, despite the USA having had it for months now. Also I was really hoping for a HD Collection, with San Andreas included. Considering GTA V was recently announced, it seemed like a no brainer that this would happen.

I hope it still does. I understand that not a lot of people like these collections but I stand by them, as long as it’s a quality remaster like we seen with the GoW Collection and Team ICO Collection, then keep them coming!

We’ll see what happens in the near future, and hopefully some actual confirmation about these two classics indeed finding their way to the PSN.

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