Justin Timberlake Ft Jay-Z ‘Suit & Tie’ Official Video

This track is definitely a grower.


I’m definitely excited about Justins new album. It’s being entirely produced by Timbaland and it definitely seems like Justin is on his grown man shit, so I’m expecting some proper quality music. Would make a change from the so called R’n’B we get these days.


  1. “My hit’s so sick got rappers acting dramatic”

    lol I guess that is one way to respond to Kanyes outburst.

  2. Jay-Z ruins this song.
    Would be a way better song without him.
    Like Scat said I got tickets to this. They are starting the tour in Toronto and going to 11 other cities.

  3. I must admit, although I like Suit & Tie, this track kills it. Beat is dope!
    Can’t believe Szuter got tickets for the joint tour with Jay-Z. Hoping they bring the show to the UK but I highly doubt it.
    I’m expecting Justin to tour over here alone though, which I’m more concerned about.

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