Kanye Loses It At London Gig

Seriously though, Kanye be on some next level shit when it comes to throwing tantrums. I mean he ends his performance of ‘Touch the Sky’ by screaming numerous times, then throws the mic to the ground which quickly skips across the floor and hits the person in the front row recording this shit. That is just a lawsuit waiting to happen.


I’m guessing he realised his unborn-baby mama is an attention seeking whore and it’s going to cost him thousands of dollars in child support each month when that shit goes tits up.


Dude is just an attention seeker himself anyway. I mean the performance he did the night before he addressed the crowd on some rant and said


“I got love for Hov but I don’t fuck wit that Suit & Tie”


What gives this fool the right to try and take the spotlight away from Justin and Jay for doing this joint tour in the Summer. I think somebody just mad lol.


  1. Um scat …. Its ok for kanye not to like that song. lol Jay-z is like on everybody elses music lately because his is weak without them. Nothing creative about what he’s been doing. Watch the throne was jay using kanye’s creativity to stay relevant. Thats my opinnion.

    Cleaner audio:

    • It’s not about him not liking the song, it’s the attention seeking which is the problem. Dude never seems to learn.

      • I dont think he does it for attention. Hes just saying what he thinks. At least he has the balls to do it.

        • Don’t get me wrong. I love his music, but I think how he portrays himself in the media he comes off as arrogant and not a very nice person. I hear what you say, he does have the balls to say what is on his mind, but it seems to be at the expense of other people which I don’t think is cool, especially when situations have nothing at all to do with him.

          I think throwing that mic will come back to bite him in the ass though.

              • lol what? Just because the drama could cause the music to sell MORE doesn’t mean that its not selling anyway and, or he’s doing it to sell more. How do you make that leap to draw that as an absolute conclusion? LOL

                • Then that’s fine, but being a complete dick to sell a few more records, if in fact that was his intention behind these recent outbursts, is quite sad in my opinion.

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