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  1. by Scatigno - 1023 Points - August 21, 2013  2:09 pm

    Yo you were right, this shit is dope as hell.The difference between Killzone Vita and Call of Duty/Resistance Vita is night and day.

    They should have put another map in the beta though just to mix it up a bit.

    Seriously though, I am impressed. It looks great. Technically it runs like almost like a charm. I've noticed abit of slowdown at times, but nothing to take away from the overall experience. Also, no screen tear and pop-in.

    It kind of threw me when I had to keep tapping the back panel to run, but then I realised the run button is also mapped to circle. After that it was a wrap.

    If the campaign and the rest of the multiplayer maps are as fun as this then I think this may just be the Vita's Killer App. I already feel myself getting addicted to collecting the in-game valour cards lol.

    I have work tomorrow so I won't be up that late tonight, but if anyone can get online within the next couple of hours then hit me up for some games.