Killzone Mercenary Vita Game Footage


  1. Yo you were right, this shit is dope as hell.The difference between Killzone Vita and Call of Duty/Resistance Vita is night and day.

    They should have put another map in the beta though just to mix it up a bit.

    Seriously though, I am impressed. It looks great. Technically it runs like almost like a charm. I’ve noticed abit of slowdown at times, but nothing to take away from the overall experience. Also, no screen tear and pop-in.

    It kind of threw me when I had to keep tapping the back panel to run, but then I realised the run button is also mapped to circle. After that it was a wrap.

    If the campaign and the rest of the multiplayer maps are as fun as this then I think this may just be the Vita’s Killer App. I already feel myself getting addicted to collecting the in-game valour cards lol.

    I have work tomorrow so I won’t be up that late tonight, but if anyone can get online within the next couple of hours then hit me up for some games.

  2. Brooklyn down for some games. Down anytime today. Post message here or hit me up with a invite/psn message.

    • I missed your message. I was out of pocket but I’ll be on tonight a bit if you or scat jumps on vita.

  3. I’m sat here watching this direct capture footage, and I cannot believe this is actually on a handheld lol. Dem graphics man!

  4. I just went through the PS home e3 booth bullcrap to get the killzone mercenaries beta code. 30 minutes. It better be worth it lol

    • Hmmmmm I just went through everything and didn’t get a code. I looked it up and apparently there is a quest attached to the Killzone: Mercenary booth. I didn’t get that quest. There was a quest for Shadow Fall, but not Mercenary.

      I got some dynamic themes and a 30 day Plus trial so that’s cool I guess.

  5. Sooooooooooooo glad Sony have brought the release date forward a week. We all knew it made no sense to drop the game the same day as GTA V. Now all they do is to market the game properly (lol yeah right) and hopefully it will sell well and get Vita’s moving off the shelves.

  6. Yeeeeeah I’m trying not to get too excited about this. It looks great but are those great graphics going to come to a hit in performance. Frame dips and pop-in etc. We’ll see. Hopefully it will be dope.

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