Killzone Mercenary Vita Weaponry Video

Notes so far:

  • Full fledged single player campaign
  • We will visit places known previously from other games. GG will show us known mission from different perspective, eg. – operation Archangel from Killzone 2
  • Main character is Aaron Danner – mercenary working for fame and money. He’s a member of colonial army and he’ll be working both of ISA and Helgen. Who pays more – gonna get the job done. And yes, first time in the series we won’t play as an ISA.
  • We will be rewarded with cash for completing the mission. We could spend this on a black market for buying new weapons, guns, gadgets (drones, energy shield, invicibility). It’s expensive and short working – but rewarding and helpful.
  • Vanguard is the new system. You can see it on the left arm of Aaron. You can quick access shops and use special weapons touching it.
  • For multiplayer – 8 players, 3 modes (Warzone, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch). Money earned from single player and guns are unlocked in multiplayer too.
  • There’s a whole Contract system (just like in Hitman: Absolution). After finishing a mission, you can activate a contract and earn additional money.
  • As I wrote earlier – graphically is astonishing, best looking game on PSVita.
  • Touch controls (stealh kills, zooming with sniper rifle [it's optional, though], “waggle gimmicks” for aiming, but it’s all well implemented and it isn’t feel like they added it just to add anything.
  • September 2013.


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