Need for Speed Most Wanted Reviews coming in….

Reviews look good

Edge – 9/10
Eurogamer – 8/10
GamesTM – 9/10
GameInformer – 9/10
GameTrailers – 8.7/10
GiantBomb – 4/5
Hardcore Gamer – 4/5
IGN – 9/10
Joystiq – 4/5
NowGamer – 9.5/10
Polygon – 8.5/10
Vandal Online – 9.3/10

Pocket Gamer – 8/10

Pocket Gamer – 9/10
…but damn apparently the PC version is not so great and there are tech issues with the console versions that wasn’t in Burnout Paradise.
Im considering what to buy and I think Im going to go for just vita right now and then PC or console after price drops or black friday or something. Thoughts?


    • yeah man but I been working late every day this week mostly and will the beggining of next week too. :(

      Weekends MY LAMBO IS READY though. :D

  1. Can we please get some game of this on the PS3 soon?Got my vacation this week so Im down for a lot of gaming sadly not going anywhere.

  2. damn I got my ps3 copy of this yesterday and had some fun with it. Getting the console version really solidified in my mind how great the vita port of this game really is. I mean the PS3 version isnt the best looking game either so theres that and in comparison the vita game is damn good in terms of graphics. Also the game is pretty much identical in terms of stages/races so races I had done on vita I knew the course on ps3 because it was the same. Impressive overall.

  3. Damn i missed yesteday but did you guys ever run any games of this? Ill be online on halo this morning so im down to run this.

  4. Can we jump on this tonight fellas. Need some proper multiplayer impressions on the Vita before Podcast tomorrow. Let me know if you are free.

  5. Just beat the “Campaign” and I now own all the Most Wanted cars. I notice y’all still duckin’.

  6. If anyone is down tonight then hit me up for a game. I want to try out the multiplayer with y’all before the podcast tomorrow.

    • i’d say I’m getting better the more I play the game :) Though I’m finding the game is throwing some cheap ass tricks at me forcing me to restart alot, like how that NPC car just suddenly happened to be directly in my way as I turn the corner with no room or time to react, yet all the CPU drivers are fine =P

      BTW is the game tracking autolog stats properly between Vita/PS3? Because its only giving me recommendations and stuff on Vita players, aint seen too many for PS3 users o.O

      • The game only tracks your speed points and as far as I know the cars you unlock. There isn’t cross play so you won’t find any autolog recommedations from PS3 players if you are playing on Vita.

        I’m just talking shit with them pics, but yeah I’m having a shit ton of fun with both versions of this game. Thank god for the cross save thing because it does exactly what I want it to. My PS3 is upstairs in the bedroom, was playing that this morning, then I had to go downstairs to watch the Football and took my Vita with me to carry on playing with the same cars and speed points.

        I actually don’t mind that it’s only your speed points etc that are shared because the game is so fun that I don’t mind racing them all again on the Vita.

        The Vita version has it’s issues, but to be honest, the lack of traffic actually helps the gameplay a bit in my opinion. I mean the screen is smaller anyway, but you are able to keep your speed momentum going for a lot longer, which is what the “Need for Speed” is all about. So at least I can burn down the highway in a Lambo and enjoy it without hitting other cars by accident. Graphically, I really don’t have an issue with it. If I want a graphically superior game I can play on PS3, but it’s a testament, I think, to the quality of the game and how it handles on Vita that I really don’t mind playing either version.

        It will be interesting to see if the Digital Foundry do an analysis of the Vita version. I’d love to know just how much Criterion have pushed the hardware, because who knows, maybe the next one could have more traffic, a better draw distance and higher resolution textures.

        • Yeah but sometimes you just cant see shit coming at you well enough on the vita version. Its still fun though.

          • We need to run some multiplayer, but I must warn you all, I just unlocked the Bugatti Veyron on the Vita version so it’s all over for you bitches lol.

    • The fuck are you talking about. lol That just means I drove by 4 times. Where the fuck are you getting this whole “easy” stuff from.

      Troll harder scat.

  7. Lmao!!! Brook! This one’s for you homie. This is what you will be seeing every time you “attempt” to beat my times. lol. This game is sooooo dope!


      • It’s better as you can imagine, just because graphically it’s obviously superior and the world is far more populated with traffic.The multiplayer is so much fun though, I love how it’s not just straight up races all the time, they mix it up by throwing in the challenges like “Furthest Jump” or “Fastest Speed”, as well as the race to the “Meet Up” place it’s self. Keeps things interesting and very entertaining.One thing I would say though, is that the cars seems to be a lot more weightier than they were in Hot Pursuit and Burnout Paradise, if you want to count that one, so I don’t think the cars are as easy to handle. It’s a lot more difficult this time around to be burning down the highway at full speed and being able to zig zag around the oncoming traffic. I’m crashing and hitting walls more than I did the other games it seems. Like Brook said it would have been nice to be able to adjust the sensitivity. They need to patch that in. Also drifting was far easier in the other games too.I guess I will get used to it with more time I put in, but yeah I’m having a blast with it.

  8. Just put this on order with shopto, along with Street Fighter x Tekken. 5 min dispatch and free delivery =P From what I’ve seen of the vita version of NFS it looks amazing, should be well worth the purchase.

    • Until Brook gets online later and says the game looks like ass and runs between 15-20 FPS most of the time, totally killing the hype lol.

      • LOL OK. Here is are my impressions of the vita version from like an hour of play.

        - The game goes from looking great to “lol PSP?” Sometimes you sit there admiring the graphics and sometimes it doesnt look so great. headlights on oncoming cards look like pixelated at night and the cars have very basic colors. Overall the game is fine graphically though but it makes you realize that vita cant really do an HD-like open world experience. Dont go in looking for wipeout level graphics. Shit is pixelated. draw distance is a problem sometimes. The environment looks crappy sometimes. Some times it looks great. its weird really.

        - The driving is great once you get the hang of it. The amount of traffic is fine considering the small screen you are playing on. That was a concern of mine that Im glad is not an issue.

        - The online is very fun with a mix of events that span from races to farthest jump challenges. We should have some fun if we get a lobby going.

        - Doesnt ahve the same problem paradise had with having to work your way up to great cars. It starts you with a Porsche and within 15 minutes i had a lambo lol

        - The options are really barebones. You cannot adjust stick (steering sensitivity) you just have to deal with it.

        - Custom soundtracks are handled by the music bubble and stop everytime there is a race intro. (kind of annoying but not really)

        - Bumper cam is too low

        - Overall the driving is fun and the city looks great at times. I dont regret the vita version purchase because I did already have some fist pumping yelling out loud moments (winning races) though clearly graphically its not a wow game.

        When you do get the game watch the full intro. The game starts out pretty badass and you dont want to skip that part..

  9. Nah but seriously. I’d like us all to have at least one version we all have. There is a serious lack of playing games together lately and that needs to change. Maybe this game and Halo 4 next week will change that. Like I said, already got my PS3 and Vita copies in the post, so I’m good to play on either of them.

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