pc games

my xbox is currently out of commission ( shocking right :rolleyes: ) . what are some good pc games to hold me down till i get that piece of shit fixed ?


  1. good looks yall . Im gonna look into cod for the pc .
    I downloaded the 10 day trial of world of Warcraft and so far its pretty dope .

  2. Yeah…I used to hit up Steam for like Counterstrike n’ shit, but it’s pretty intense, cats play like hardcore on there and most of the times are way too into it.

    CallofDuty4 has a PC version :D

  3. Man you best to get these roms and emulators and call it a day. Also, have you ever play M.U.G.E.N.. I have that shit. Fanbase fighting game. If they was in a fighting game, they are in the game.

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