Permanent Collection or Traveling Exhibit?

To: Spacebarz
From: brooklyn

brooklyn: Yo, my friend said the funniest sh*t last night. He said my best bet is to move through life knowing and expecting that people don’t think like I do. Save myself a bunch of frustration. I laughed so hard but it’s so true.

Spacebarz: That’s good advice. I’ve personally come to terms with that a long time ago. That’s the only way you’ll ever accept other people especially those that seem expendable.

brooklyn: Expendable? Hmm… Well what about people you need to be around for a while?

Spacebarz: For a while? What does that mean? You’re either permanent or expendable.

brooklyn: I mean people you plan to have in your life.

Spacebarz: I don’t think about people like that. You’re either part of the permanent collection or your a traveling exhibit.

brooklyn: HA! Well what about people you… Damn I guess that doesn’t apply to you so much. I was going to say people you used to date.

Spacebarz: Not much of a serial dater but those people are traveling exhibits. They might come back to the museum maybe not in the main gallery but they’ll make an appearance.

brooklyn: Wait… that isn’t permanent or expendable. YOU LIE!

Spacebarz: Expendable doesn’t mean gone forever is means it doesn’t matter when they come or go. You may be there but totally be drop-able that makes you expendable. Still there but meh…

brooklyn: I feel you on that one. Especially the wishy washy people. Totally meh… Not going out of my way much anymore for those. I really tried with some but some people take things too far. Fugetaboutit. Now they get what they give and that’s it and that’s fair.

Spacebarz: It’s not a bad thing. Sometimes its just better to accept that about people.

brooklyn: Church.

Spacebarz: But anyway… did you see what I wrote about golf?

brooklyn: Yes, I’ll have my new clubs by this weekend man. Golf this weekend is a go!

Spacebarz: Word.

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