Street Fighter IV Sequel in the Works?


Word is that Capcom will soon be announcing the sequel to Street Fighter IV. The Official Street Fighter IV blog mentions an announcement about the sequel in the near future. This is pretty exciting stuff as it does confirm from the top producers of Street Fighter IV that something is in the works. The new version better have true match replay save functionality.

Source: Street Fighter IV Sequel Announcement Coming Soon


  1. The sequel has to be a major improvement over this one for me to consider getting it.
    I will not pay full price if they are going to call it Street Fighter IV Hyper Fighting, and the only changes are

    Quicker speed
    a couple of new characters
    a couple of new stages

    If i'm to pay full price i want

    alot more characters
    alot more stages
    better online modes
    Proper match replays, not the bullshit they have now
    and most of all
    I don't care if they have said they couldn't do it, bullshit, if it's a disc space issue then put that feature exclusively on the PS3 version because we all know that Blu-Ray beats the shit out of the 360's crappy dvds.

    If they can't implement these things then i seen no reason why i would buy a new one.

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