Street Fighter X Tekken Hands-On Impressions | E3 2011


Capcom had a playable 14 character build of the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game at E3. There were enough setups between the Capcom area, Sony and Microsoft areas for those interested to get a chance to play. Most of the setups featured the new Fightstick Pro joysticks which was an additional treat for fighting game enthusiasts at the show.

The Street Fighter X Tekken setups featured a tag mode where players select two characters from the 14 available Street Fighter and Tekken characters that could be used during the match. The game has an increased watercolor effect when compared to Super Street Fighter IV. Not bad at all but worth noting. The game was also on the faster end in terms of speed. The speed of the characters was good and matches moved along quite nicely because of it. The characters all looked great and they seemed to have achieved a good balance in bringing over the Tekken characters to the Street Fighter Universe while still maintaining the feel of the Tekken characters in how they move, feel and control.

The game and stages visuals were brightly colored with lots going on. The stage designs were all really nice and well executed. There is a stage with dinosaurs and another featuring the iconic dojo associated with Ryu. The game was very easy to pick up and refreshing with the tagging mechanics and ability to mix up teams of Street Fighter and Tekken characters. I had a great time playing Street Fighter X Tekken and have become more exited about its release after playing the E3 build.

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