‘The Last of Us’ Official Thread

Platform - Playstation 3 Exclusive

Developer – Naughty Dog
Release – TBA

The Last of Us is a genre-defining experience that blends survival and action elements to tell a character driven tale about a modern plague decimating mankind. Nature encroaches upon civilization, forcing remaining survivors to kill for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States.

Official Announcement Trailer


  1. What I really hate is you cant back track. Sometimes I pass through a door and I cant go back to explore what I missed.
    I didn’t realize that doing through that door was the correct way and might of missed out on some items.

  2. I’m 63% complete. Currently at the Power Plant place. Really love this game. Like Brook said though it’s probably not a game I would want to play more than once like I did with Uncharted but I am going to because I want them trophies. Plus I can’t think of any other major game coming out now until GTA V drops soooooo I might as well beat it again.

      • Oh I know. There are like noooooo story related trophies whatsoever. It’s all collectibles and beating the game onnthe different difficulties.

        I don’t know why Naughty Dog changed their trophy format from what it was in Uncharted. Those were easy, and fun, trophies to get.

    • Yeah this shit picks up really well. Ravenholm!

      [edit] beat it. It was a damn good game when its all said and done. Not sure I need to play it again though.

  3. shits starting to pick up at the 60% mark. They say it ramps up from here so lets see where it goes…

    Henry NOOOOOO! LOL

  4. So first impressions then people?

    Honestly, I love it. I expected to and right now it hasn’t disappointed.

    It probably has one of the best opening sections of a game I have played in a long time.

    I feel like Naughty Dog really nailed the survival aspects. I constantly feel at a disadvantage when going against the infected. So I have to find other ways and means to take them out or avoid them instead of going in Power Ranger style.

    The game looks gorgeous running on this outdated hardware. The attention to detail is astonishing. The world is immersive and the atmosphere is tense.

    I’m excited about where the story is leading amd I hope there are a few more surprises in store.

    On the flipside though, i basically get the feeling that The Last of Us is the videogame version of that movie The Road. Even though I thought that movie was good, I remember also feeling super depressed after watching it because it was so dark and bleak. I hope I don’t get that feeling once I beat this game because It’s been made for multiple playthroughs.

    We shall see. Overall though I’m hapoy with it and I think Naughty Dog have once again proved themselves as the best studio of this generation.

    Oh, not feeling the multiplayer.

    • The game is fun and has its moments but I think these reviewers went overboard with the 10/10 shit. Graphics wise it looks good but I wouldn’t say its anything near a leap over uncharted 3 or anything like that. Its still graphically in the realm of uncharted games. Shit… put in infamous 2 back in and look at that game. That game looks in the ream of this. Tomb Raider and bioshock infinite on my PC blew this shit out of the water by far in terms of graphics so they really should not be touting that graphical shit at all. I see pop in and also jaggies all day in this and the framerate is uneven with too much motion blur. Try swinging the camera around to see what im saying. So far the game is interesting but it has quite a few gameplay mechanic issues and ai bugs as well. So far its really good though but not sure its great per se.

      Also this shit is $45 bucks on newegg via ebay new right now.

      • Yeah but dude, c’mon man, this is 7 year old hardware. You can’t expect it to be running in 1080p and a constant 60fps. There are going to be issues just like any other console game.

        I think judging the graphics based on what you can get on PC is extremely unfair because you are comparing a game released this year and running on super old hardware to 2 other games released this year and running on the latest processors and graphics cards.

        Also, how can you even have a step up over Uncharted 3? That game was pushing the PS3 to the limits anyway but what I like about The Last of Us is that it’s not all about spectacle and big set pieces. It’s the subtle things that make it special.

        I think the game looks awesome. The character models, lighting, the animation of the infected. Makes it a more believable and immersive world. The graphics are dope for consoles so I think them praising the graphics is well and truly justified because you can’t get this game on PC so there is no comparison to which is the superior version. Taking everything into consideration, this is as good as it gets on consoles really, and that is a major acheivement considering the outdated hardware.

        Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a perfect game. Load times are a nuisance for one thing but it’s still head and shoulders above lots of games being released at the moment.

        • My point is people shouldnt be touting about how good it looks as is if thats a major selling point. There has been quite a few games with the same visual fidelity even on consoles. Metal gear solid rising on consoles looks great and at 60fps and they werent going around touting that as a huge thing.

          Yes, Last of Us looks really good. To those playing games at a higher fidelity these games just dont have that wow. Sorry. Thats just the reality. Thats like saying the speed of that Honda is AMAZING and fast as hell to those who been in a Porsche. They need to stop with all this “it looks awesome” crap. Yes, it looks really good but people hype everything up way to much when a game is new. Compared to the games out there it looks really good but its not a technical achievement or setting any bars to be talking all that “OMFG THEM GRAPIX DAT ASS!” nonsense. There are ps3 games within the last few years that can compete on a graphical level by other studios like Max Payne 3, MGS4, Infamous 2 and God of War 3.

          There is nothing revolutionary about anything in the game lets keep it real. Its far from a perfect game but im having fun playing though it and thats mostly because of the story and setting.

  5. This is explains how to fix the autosave problem

    @Naughty_Dog: We’ve addressed the autosave issue, it was related to servers on our end. Please quit to XMB and restart the game. SP and MP are OK to play!

      • got my copy. Watch out for the save bug. Apparently sometimes it says its “auto saving” and doesnt. People are complaining about losing hours of progress. They say to press start and check the save time before quitting.

  6. Sad to say it but i’m going to get this on Redbox for like 7 bucks for a 3 days rental so I can beat it. I’ll buy the complete edition with all the season pass DLC when they drop it later this year. HAHA!

  7. So the Last of Us is currently tied for best PS3 exclusive with Uncharted 2.
    Wonder if Naughty Dog has something to show at E3.

    • It’s going to be interesting. On the one hand I’m like they have got to have a brand new Uncharted game. They need an Uncharted game for PS4 to be shown and everyone will go nuts.

      But then on the other hand I’m thinking, The Last of Us drops on friday. It’s getting all these great reviews, do they really want to take away the interest and hype surrounding it by announcing something new?

      We’ll see what happens.

      • Apparently they have multiple teams. Some were working on this while the others were on uncharted 3 so there is a high chance they have something new.

  8. Multiplayer reveal trailer

    Next week is going to be sooooooo epic! E3 and The Last of Us drops. Pfft! AWESOME!

  9. I’m so excited for this game. I think out of all the developers, Naughty Dog, at this point, are the least likely to mess it up.

    Thinking back to what Brook was saying on the E3 Podcast, it’s obvious they have been experimenting with different gameplay elements in Uncharted in order to get it right for this game. Obviously it’s going to get comparisons with the Uncharted series, because it’s 3rd person, and the cover system, plus the fact it looks gorgeous, but I think enough of it will be different that it will stand on it’s own two feet.

    I also think the premise of the game is a lot more realistic this time around. We don’t know everything yet, but it’s not just your run of the mill post-apocalyptic game. I think the fact that it’s some type of plague that has wiped out the majority of the population is a very real scenario as history tells us.

    The only place where I think things may fall apart is in how Naughty Dog handle the whole ‘Survival Element’. Obviously they don’t want Joel and Ellie to be invincible, which is why I’m guessing ammo and weapons will be scarce, and the majority of the combat will be up, close and personal melee. Then again, they don’t want it to become too frustrating where it messes up the whole pacing of the game, if the player is getting stuck on a particular part. You will see in the video that there is no regenerative health, and Joel will in fact carry health packs, so it will add to that sense of realism of having to survive. Again though, I think Naughty Dog need to be careful to balance the amount of health packs there is to find, as well and perfect checkpoints, so you don’t end up in a particular tricky part of the game, where you find yourself with no health, especially on the harder difficulty settings (Platinum Whore :lol:)

    The game is set for a 2013 release, so we have a long while yet before we can give a verdict, but from what we saw at E3, the game is definitely coming along nicely, and as of this point, I don’t think there is any other game coming out in 2013 that I’m more excited for, except maybe Bioshock Infinite.

  10. So Brook. This was the game I tried talking to you about on the Podcast last week and you wasn’t interested. Well. It’s finally got a developer. It’s Naughty Dog’s new game. Rumours were floating about in the week because of an easter egg found in Uncharted 3.

    Not much is known just yet with no release date revealed, but with ND developing it, I think it’s safe to say the story will be on point. The trailer looks great. It’s all in-game footage too.

    I hope it’s more survival horror than straight up action though.

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