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    • by Scatigno - 1023 Points - May 16, 2013  2:50 pm

      Oh my god lol. Buy it if you intend on trying to succeed. Go into it knowing you are going to die, and going to die a lot. Once you make peace with that then you will probably enjoy it a whole lot more.
      You don't need an actual guide, because that spoils most of the fun. Honestly, the fun from Dark Souls comes from learning the game, learning it's mechanics, learning it's intricacies. You can't get that from any guide, not any written one in a book anyway.

      I would suggest watching the video I made on the game (shameless plug), so that you go in the right direction and don't get your ass spanked in the graveyard lol

      Also MadDragon has an awesome playthrough on his channel, which is hilarious by the way, so that could help.

      A dude on Youtube called EpicNameBro has a lot of Dark Souls videos where he delves into the lore, which is super interesting and proves that Dark Souls has a great story, a lot better than many of the games out at the moment.

            • by Mad Dragon249 - 231 Points - May 16, 2013  3:07 pm

              If you get a stream going of this I'm there =P Liked that little plug there Scat, (cough cough and for myself) ;) lol I'd recommend reading up on some basics of the gameplay systems and all that and then going into the game on your own, exploring and experiencing what the game throws at you first hand. You'll get the true experience that way.

              • by brooklyn - 1081 Points - May 18, 2013  12:50 pm

                Ok, so i played an hour and got to the bonfire in that first town. I have gotten much farther on the ps3 version so it went pretty fast. I like the game itself but the thing that I really dont like is how the game punishes you for things you couldnt have possibly known. In this case you die and have to do it over. The fact that most times there are no hints even subtle ones to guide you is just wack to me. So now if i dont want to spend 50 hours to beat a ~15 hour game(guessing) i have to spend a couple hours watching videos to see the thing i coudnt have deduced on my own withhout trial by error(wasted time). lol so this becomes one of those games i may reach for but then say ehhh and pick something else. I think if it wasnt so obtuse it would be so much better.

                • by Mad Dragon249 - 231 Points - May 18, 2013  7:02 pm

                  I'd say your looking too much on the negative about it. Every death is a learning experience. Ok, so there was an enemy hiding behind that wall that you couldn't see until you passed through. Next time you'll start to automatically check suspicious looking corners. That nice tempting item in the middle of the room, or a mimic disguised at a chest was actually a trap, next time you'll notice those signs of a possible ambush and go in a bit more cautiously and ready to defend.

                  No matter how much you know about the game, or how much experience you have with it its inevitable that your gonna die. But a lot of those deaths can be avoided by the player, it just takes practice at the game mechanics and how you use whats available to you. Just keep at it dude =)

  1. by Scatigno - 1023 Points - April 24, 2013  11:06 am

    Damn, just had my invite through for the Dark Souls II sessions at E3. I'm soooooo jelly right now. I need to get to E3. Like seriously, why do flights to LA from Manchester have to be soooo goddamn expensive? I mean this year is going to be good, but imagine what next years E3 will be like with the major push for PS4 and Xbox 720.

    Scat is not a happy bunny right now :-(

  2. by Scatigno - 1023 Points - April 12, 2013  9:32 am

    Yeah man it looks great. Rumours are floating about that this may actually be a prequel and you play as Lord Gwynn, because it was he who got rid of all the Dragons, and yet the Dragons play a major part in DS II. They have not actually confirmed whether or not the game takes place in Lordran, but it would make sense.

    The part where he is crossing the bridge with all the dragons looks like it actually leads to the Painted World of Ariamis, before it all went to shit lol.

    Also the devs have said this isn't coming to next-gen. Sounds like the wrong move to me but ah well.