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  1. by Scatigno - 1023 Points - January 31, 2013  5:46 pm

    OK, i'm 5 hours in so here are some inpressions.First of all, believe the hype, this game is GORGEOUS, the art design, environments, character animation. Everything oozes charm. It takes a long time to get going. Like I said, i'm 5 hours in and only now has Drippy turned to me and said "Now the adventure really begins". Then again, I haven't been rushing, I've been completing side missions and talking to all the NPC's I have come across.The combat system is extremely deep, with so many different types of familars at your disposal you could literally spend hours just finding the right balance and training them up.Story wise it may come across as far fetched at times but what I like is that Oliver has a definite purpose for going on his journey that anyone who has ever lost a loved one can relate to.So up to now i'm thoroughly enjoying the game and would still be playing if I didn't have to be up for work tomorrow.*Side Note* Drippy is AWESOME!

      • by Scatigno - 1023 Points - February 1, 2013  12:09 am

        The combat is fun, for me at least because there are so many ways you can go about it, like I said because there are so many different familiars, each one being a different type and a different set of attacks. As they level up they learn different moves. It is very much like Pokemon which I love. Also the combat is near enough real time too so the battles are fast paced so it keeps you on your toes.I haven't found anything I would say sucks yet.I think the first few hours may possibly bore you, but you will fall in love with the graphics. I dunno, you likr Persona and Disgea so I don't see why you wouldn't like this.

  2. by Scatigno - 1023 Points - January 17, 2013  8:07 am

    OK, soooo I've just been doing some research and I have more examples of the UK getting ripped off and shit when it comes to game releases. Here is a picture of the Collectors Edition of Ni no Kuni which North America gets. This retails for $99

    As you can see it contains a

    Plush Doll
    Hardcover Companion Book
    CD Soundtrack
    5 Artcards
    Wizards Coin

    Now this is a picture of what we get in the UK. This retails for £70

    We get

    Plush Doll
    Hardcover Companion Book

    Using a currency coverter, £70 equates to around $112, meaning we are paying around an extra $12 for less stuff. Half of the shit in the box doesn't really matter anyway apart from the game, but it's still not the point. Also, to top it all off, the game has been delayed here another week to the 1st Feb.

    I just don't understand it. Why make these editions different?

    • by Scatigno - 1023 Points - January 17, 2013  11:11 am

      So according to Namco Bandai UK who just tweeted me, the US get more stuff as a result of some exclusive starter programme. I think I remember it now. I think it was the more people who preorder the Collectors Edition, the more items they put inside.

      So instead of doing the same thing for us here in the UK, they just decided to give us the standard shit but create more of them so more people all over Europe could buy it. They missed out the fact is costs more for us to buy and we get less stuff.

      Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that the book which comes with it looks so damn awesome and has so much content I would probably cancel my preorder and just get the standard.

      Anyway, I digress. You guys should thank your lucky stars, it really does suck to be a Videogame consumer in England. We always get shit delayed etc etc because we are unfortunately part of the EU. So we have to wait until all them countries get their shit together too. I mean damn, Persona 4 Arena and Golden STILL haven't been released here yet, and won't be until March.

  3. by Mad Dragon249 - 231 Points - January 9, 2013  2:58 pm

    Just found out that if you preorder the standard edition from GAME.co.uk yo'll get a bonus offer of the Japanese Wizards Book free. thats quite a sick deal, but Im still deciding whether to get the Wizards Edition or not.....£70 is quite a lot to drop on 1 game, and for just a plushie and 300 page hardback book. True it'd be great quality and a nice collector's item but damn, thats almost double the price.

  4. by Chauncy Talon - 0 Points - October 19, 2011  4:40 pm

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm going to be on it because it's developed by Level-5. They produce Dragon Quest 7, Professor Layton and Dark Cloud.">

    brooklyniteOne;41699 wrote: Billy Todd says "Hai !"

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm going to be on it because it's developed by Level-5. They produce Dragon Quest 7, Professor Layton and Dark Cloud.

  5. by Scatigno - 0 Points - October 19, 2011  10:38 am

    So this is the game I mentioned on the Podcast a few weeks back. It has been confirmed for a release in both the UK and the US sometime in 2012, and I'm sure you can agree that from the trailer above this game is absolutely gorgeous.

    It is a JRPG so a lot of people are going to be put off. My biggest concern at the moment is that the game is being developed by Level-5, who didn't exactly shine when they made White Knight Chronicles, which was a good game for a few hours but then quickly got dull, with a horrible combat system.

    I hope they change things up for this release. I'm definitely interested, but they need to bring the heat with that gameplay this time around.