The Undergarden Review


undergarden-character2The Undergarden is a puzzle exploration game by Atari and developed the creators of Aces of the Galaxy, Vitamin-G. This game is a sleeper hit.

For those that are not put off by the weird life form you control will be delighted by the soothing music, physics and vibrant levels. My biggest gripe with the game is that the character you control is a bit creepy looking and not loveable enough. Think Teletubby. A missed opportunity sure but the game offers much for those that can look past this one design choice.

The levels are vibrant and much like the PlayStation 3 exclusive hit “Flower” as you play through the levels you actually pollinate them bringing life. This constructionist element that makes up the primary gameplay is a refreshing change from most games that reward you for destroying the environment or dispatching enemies.


As you float around the levels pollinating them and making them more vibrant you encounter puzzles that must be solved to get to the next area or complete the stage. Plants that you pollinate bear fruits that have different properties that you must use in order to solve the puzzles.

Some fruit float, explode or can be used as weights. I did not find any of the puzzles particularly hard but at the same time the puzzles were never frustrating or boring which all helped to maintain the overall soothing experience of the game.


The physics and underwater feel of the movement is very soothing. The Undergarden is a great game for those looking for a relaxing departure from twitch gaming. The music is also very melodic and relaxing. If you enjoyed Flower this game may be for you.

The Undergarden is a great game that flew under the radar. Its only 800 Microsoft points and has local co-operative game play. Those looking for a soothing experience and those that also love puzzle and relaxing games should give it a shot.

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