USB Loader GX: Play Wii Games From a Hard Drive

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So I randomly came across this Wii hombrew app called USB Loader GX this past weekend and had to give it a go. To install this application you must have a Wii with the Homebrew Channel installed.

This application allows you to load Wii game .iso files from a FAT32 formatted Hard drive. So basically you can have a hard drive full of your Wii game backups and conveniently load them from a nice menu. This can be pretty helpful if you have a setup similar to my own where the Wii console is in a different room than the TV dsiplay. From the comfort of your couch you can switch games.

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  1. So does that mean you can’t Load a 4.37 GB file into an 8 GB SDHC Card?

  2. Good looking, useful app! (haven’t tried it yet)
    As for the FAT32 comment(s), there’s a problem with file sizes. There is a limit of ~4GB, for files. An ISO is a single file. Since DVDs can hold more than 4GB, I would assume that the ISO files are (generally) over 4GB. FAT32 is a common file system, and fully recognizable with the Wii.

  3. Has anyone written a usb loader that can read the isos from fat32 partition? Can the wii read fat32 … it must if somene said the cover art can be stored there!

    • This “USB Loader GX V2″ can read FAT32 and NTFS too.
      There are several partitions that can be recognized by this app.
      1. WBFS partition, your game will be stored into this partition in native wii file format.
      2. FAT32 partition, the game can be converted into .wbfs file format, but the size of the converted game must be smaller than 2GB (because of the FAT32 limitation, can’t have more than 2GB per file).
      3. NTFS partition (support file over 2GB), the game can be converted into .wbfs file format or .iso file format (but will take much space, coz .iso file format will rip your DVD game as is..which approx 4.3GB each file).
      With 1 HDD, u can have those partitions, and the USB loader can be customize to read which partition u like.

  4. all cover art, themes and program are on your sd card. If you installed Usb Loader gx as a channel that would be on your wii if cover art and themes still on the sd card. As far as the HDD all that is on there is Wii games (ISO) and the Hdd is formatted to WBFS, there is no fat32

    • That's just how you set it up. You can have a separate fat32 partition on the same drive to hold the cover art if you want.

  5. there is not enough space on disk. write error: only ntfs file system….. blah blah blah…. i don't understand wat i'm ddoing wrong someone please help with a step by step tutorial

  6. I think Loki's point was that the ISO images are loaded from a WBFS partition, but the rest of the stuff is on the FAT32 partition (optional). At a minimum, the USB drive must have a single WBFS-formatted partition from which it can read the games

  7. You can't actually load isos off the hdd. You can partition your fat32 drive to have a wbfs partion with all your isos, and have usbloader and all its folders for covers, fonts, themes ect. on the fat 32 portion of the drive.

    • Wrong. The iso's ARE on the HDD. The iso's ARE loaded from the HDD directly. Yes its partitioned af fat32 but thats just a file format and the iso's are and still loaded from the drive.

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